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How much brahmi

Roger Llorens

Brahmi oil is a traditional ayurvedic formulation used as a natural herbal massage oil and healthy skin oil.

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in this review of brahmi s uses, benefits, and side effects, we ll take a look at how this ancient herb can be applied to modern cognitive enhancement.

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over the centuries, the role of brahmi in the treatment of kustha leprosy skin disorder , pandu anemia , meha diabetes , asra vikara blood disorders , kasa cough , visa poison , sopha edema , jwara fever , vatahara vata , unmadahara mental illness , unmada insanity , alaksmi inauspiciousness , apasmara epilepsy , papa evil deeds , krtya black magic , ruk pain and manasavikara mental disorders has been well described 3, 5, 9, 19.

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brahmi, also referred to as indian pennywort and bacopa monnieri, has been used since ancient times as an ayurvedic medicine because the two primary alkaloids it is composed of are brahmine and herpestine.


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