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Roger Llorens

3 born from lord krishna s bliss as he churned the milk ocean, tulasi was carried by lord vishnu on his head.

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this page is about making tulasi madam in sand, click here to get more infomation about making tulasi madam in sand.

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harvest of tulasi leaves is made roughly twice a month and transported to markets in nilakottai, madurai, thovalai, thoothukudi, virudhunagar, aruppukottai, salem, coimbatore and bengaluru.

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lord shiva said my dear narad muni, kindly listen now i will relate to you the wonderful glories of tulasi devi.

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in talking with our local botanist, he informed us that srimati tulasi-devi belongs to a rare plant family which has what is known as a perfect flower, that is to say, the flower contains both the male and female developments which allows her to fertilize herself.


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