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Metoprolol is available in two different formulations, a short acting medication that should be taken twice a day and a long acting medication that should be taken once a day.

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Patients should tell their doctor or pharmacist if they are allergic to metoprolol, or other drugs such as atenolol tenormin, in tenoretic , acebutolol sectral , carvedilol coreg, coreg cr , betaxolol, bisoprolol zebeta, in ziac , esmolol brevibloc , nadolol corgard, in corzide , sotalol betapace, betapace af, sorine , pindolol, propranolol inderal, inderal la, innopran xl, in inderide , labetalol, timolol, any other medications, or any metoprolol ingredients in tablets.

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Lopressor usp is available as 50 and 100 mg strength tablets for oral administration and as metoprolol tartrate injection, usp in 5 mg strength, in 5 ml ampoules for iv administration.

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